How it works

Don't run out of electrcity ever again!
Register with your meter number, cellphone number and MySchool Card number on emfuleni24.com.

Purchase prepaid Electricity easily and conveniently within the comfort of your own home or your office, via internet or cell phone banking and receive your electricity token almost instantly via SMS.

How to buy prepaid electricity

Check that your prepaid meter is supported by our system by going to check meter or take a look if your local municipality is registered with us here

Register your cellphone number and prepaid meter no. via SMS or on the emfuleni24.com sign up page. Registration requires your cell number so we may sms your token to you when purchasing electricity and will also be used as your payment reference, no other personal details are required.

Create a new beneficiary on your bank account for our bank account (use the same bank). We have an account at each of the major banks to ensure that funds get cleared almost instantly. e.g. If you bank with ABSA, setup a beneficiary with our ABSA account details.

Transfer funds from your bank account to the newly created beneficiary (as above) using the cellphone number you registered with as the reference and we will SMS your prepaid electricity token directly to your phone. This process takes place within 5 minutes, please note that emfuleni24.com relies on other 3rd parties like banks, municipalities and other service providers, emfuleni24.com cannot guarantee this process time.