Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality

emfuleni24.com is associated with Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality(Alberton, Eastern Gauteng and Springs) .
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emfuleni24.com purchases Ekurhuleni electricity tokens via a third party vendor, therefore the token you receive is what emfuleni24.com receives from this third party vendor. No additional costs are charged
Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality uses a Inclined Block tariff, the more you buy in a calendar month the more you will pay per unit. This is an attempt by the municipality to get the electricity users to use less electricity. So, if you have received a different number of units for the same amount purchased in the same calendar month, the reason is the Inclined Block tariff that they use.


Tariff A IBT : VAT exclusive
kWh Bracket0-600 KWh601-700 kWhover 700kWh
Cost per UnitR0.7890R1.3199R2.2000

A flat rate of R0.80/kWh is charged in cases where a billing system is unable to accommodate the inclining block tariff.
Tariffs applicable to services rendered from 1 July 2013 - For all tariff queries please contact Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality.

Contact Details

Telephone Number +27 860 543 000
Fraud /Corruption +27 800 102 201
Emergency +27 11 458 0911 / 10177

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