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emfuleni24.com purchases eMalahleni electricity tokens via a third party vendor, therefore the token you receive is what emfuleni24.com receives from this third party vendor. No additional costs are charged
eMalahleni Local Municipality uses a Standard tariff for Businesses and for Households an Flat tariff.


The above tariffs do not include the increase as of 1 July 2013 - For all tariff queries please contact eMalahleni Local Municipality.

eMalahleni Tariffs

Contact Details

Telephone Number +27 13 690 6911/6222
Ogies +27 13 690 6333 / +27 13 643 1150
Ga-Nala +27 017 648 2241/ +27 13 690 6444
Communications Manager +27 79 515 5833/ +27 13 690 6588 / 6275
Email Enquiriesenquiries@emalahleni.gov.za
Email Accountsaccounts@emalahleni.gov.za
Email Complaintscomplaints@emalahleni.gov.za
Email Suggestionssuggestions@emalahleni.gov.za

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